We are going to share the development of the project right from its very early stages, as we are keen to involve as many people as possible in its development.

The project is all about people, and we will introduce all of those involved here. We would love to hear feedback, answer questions and hear from anyone who wants to get on board.

This is Mike Rowland, a film director who is doing a treatment for a documentary about The November Project. He’s interested in where November fits in to the life of the river Thames and its impact on the ecology and economy of the river.

Maybe there’s an element of following the progress of a beautifully simple but also radical idea, right outside the Houses of Parliament.

We are going to have to be pretty audacious to mainstream our ideas as they involve changing the status quo very significantly.

The November Project, Mike Rowland

This is Mike on board YE37, Jay’s lovingly restored 1910 Mossel Kotter. We are making our way to the Thames barge November, which will be at the heart of The November Project.

The November Project, Arthur Tomlinson

This is Arthur Tomlinson, an inventor and project manager in construction, with a particular interest in waste management and methane, and water purification.

He is sitting inside November’s hull on a recent trip to inspect the site and discuss the project. It’s exciting to see it in its raw state and visualise the next phase in its long life. November is built to last.

Arthur wants to work with The November Project to explore new technologies for using methane and desalinisation – in his own work he is doing exactly what the November Project is doing, but on land.