Bill Dunster OBE, Prof Lucy Gilliam and Jay Fitzsimons on board The November Projects Humber, Alchemy

Bill Dunster OBE, the project's science advisor Doctor Lucy Gilliam and Jay Fitzsimons on board The November Projects Humber, Alchemy

Bill Dunster getting tactile with The November Project paddle wheel modelling

Bill Dunster getting tactile with early The November Project paddle wheel modelling

In the darkness of our newly autumnal evenings, November was lucky enough to be visited by Bill Dunster, a leading low carbon architect with over twenty years of experience.

Bill is a visionary architect whose work in the field is second to none. He has many a RIBA and UK Sustainability Award under his belt, and was awarded an OBE in 2010.

As the founding father of ZEDfactory, an architecture practice exclusively committed to low carbon building and development, Bill’s work is all about creating designs that are:

stimulating and practical on a daily basis, yet distinctive, economic and reliable in the long term..using tried and tested technologies.

ZEDfactory has a uniquely consistent and creative track record of delivering Zero (fossil) Energy Development buildings, and importantly – boats – in the UK.

He built two prototype zero emissions boats, called ZEB boats, as a climate change adaptation project, currently moored and inhabited by residents at Nine Elms Pier.

Bill was interested in The November Project’s plans for introducing an infrastructure on the Thames for electric boating, as well as a workshop for conversion to electric.

High on the days visit to the Ecovelocity fair at neighbouring Battersea Power Station, The November Project’s designer and founder Jay and Bill thrashed out the engineering necessary to create electric motors powerful enough to run the speeds and distances required by existing river businesses such as the Thames RIB fleets.

In addition, Bill has worked extensively with canvas roofing on the river – an environment which has fierce impacts on materials and structures as any boat builder will know.

His consultation with November provided the benefits of priceless experience, a new way of imagining the design, and renewed excitement and energy as the Project met with the approval and engagement of the great man.

The results were a radical rethink on the design of the structure, which will become the November Project’s venue, and a focus on the paddlewheel design and its integration with the structure.

Great to have you on board Bill.

Read more about ZEDfactory here.