Meet Uma

Original condition

Introducing The November Project Workshop’s current work. This is the state this boat was brought to us in, after being in a skip for literally years. Have a close look. She’s wrecked.

Not only did she have two massive jagged holes in her sides, but she also arrived with a twisted hull. All the wood was rotten and a disintegrated seal around the exhaust skin fitting revealed the story of why she sank.

But despite sinking, and being ripped, thrown away and left to rot in a skip, here was a boat with beautiful generous lines and wide-opening proportions ballooning out from a slender stern.

Restored, its huge shape will provide an ultimately practical form of river transport; engulfing, balanced, hard as nails. Our next posts will follow the transformation of this hull into a working boat.

Found hull: restoring a boat found in a skipFound hull: restoring a wrecked boat found in a skip
Hole in Uma's hull Hole in Uma's hull

The two huge holes in the hull.