Excitement mounts as the transformation takes shape

Mahogany rubbing straights and marine ply bulkhead added

The owner of the hull has been able to moor up and observe developments at every stage. His excitement is palpable. After all, he had a feeling this boat could be useful again which is why he had a wreck cluttering up his space for months, waiting for the right people to come along who felt the same.

And now he can start to see how right he was.

Work started with a general clean up. Removing all the bird shit, rubbish and rotten wood allowed for an assessment of the damage on the fibre glass hull.

Then came measuring up for the timber for the ribs, engine bed, deck and gunnels.  A new marine ply bulkhead was scribed in, and mahogany rubbing straights added to a prepped bow.

We reckon we have about two weeks to go before completion – weather permitting as work is taking place open air until the November Workshop build is finished.

Follow the build of The November Project here.

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