Dr Lucy GilliamDr Lucy Gilliam_science director

I joined The November project as a volunteer as I believe in practical action and the creation of spaces that will inspire and motivate the transition to a more sustainable way of life.

The November Project is blessed with a unique position on the river Thames. I passionately believe that we can inspire people to see their resources, the energy around them and the future differently by escaping to an ecological micro utopia on the river powered by the abundant tidal power that surrounds us. The tide will provide!

I’ve worked in the environmental sector for many years. I’m sharing my expertise with The November Project to ensure that the project is delivered to the highest environmental standards. Specifically I’m leading the design of an ecological sanitation system. However you might also catch me taking pictures, cooking for the team or helping with fund-raising.

I’m an environmental campaigner. I’ve been banging on about climate change and environmental issues since I was about 5. Being on the waters is also a key part of my life. I learnt to sail when I was really little and was taken out in boats as a new born. I started racing with my dad when I was 6 years old in a beautiful classic clinker Salcombe yawl.

I currently live on an old Dutch barge in London. Being at the interface of the water and sky is the best bit of my life right now.

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