Deadline: Friday 18 November


We are currently converting a Thames barge into The November Project, a new self-sustaining centre for environmental innovation/climate change adaptation including an arts, music and exhibition space, community space and private venue, showcased eco-tech and boat building workshop overlooking Parliament and the London Eye. The entire project will be powered by tidal energy.

The barge is moored mid-river in an extremely high profile location right opposite Parliament on Westminster reach. This could provide an excellent test bed opportunity for a new/innovative product.

The goal We need a roof that can be partly or wholly removed and replaced.

The idea The concept for the roof is a versatile tensile structure, supported by a mast. We are inviting offers from companies for 100m2 of material for this. The material needs to be non-pvc and ideally highly durable. See artists impression sketch on the top left of this page.

We are open to trialling innovative materials.

Key points

  • high profile test bed opportunity
  • non-pvc material for tensile structure on the Thames
  • build location on the tidal Thames means the material needs to be able to endure/designed for this type of environment

Timeline The build has begun and providing we we find the right materials and considering this is a small-scale project we aim to complete the roof stage by the end of the year.

How to proceed Please email us on or fill in the form below, ensuring you provide a telephone number and email address and we will get back to you. Many thanks.