We are pleased to announce that UK companies Timber Intent Ltd and The Indian Marquee Company have come on board to design, manufacture and assemble November’s tensile canopy roof.

We were overjoyed to hear from Timber Intent’s managing director Roger Brisley. His environmental and ethical policies caught our eye and are a good fit with ours. Timber Intent use only natural or recycled materials from ecologically sound, ethical and sustainable sources.

Their structures combine high-tech engineering and design with traditional methods and environmentally low-impact components, they are multi-functional and extremely practical, often with a highly sculptural feel.

Roger has nearly 40 years experience in both architecture and engineering and a passion for eco-friendly building. He established Timber Intent in 1996 making it probably the oldest, most established tensile fabric-structure manufacturer in its original guise in the UK today.

We are very happy to be supporting the development of a UK SME, especially one with much coastal weather experience at their HQ in Lyme Regis, and mostly in canvas – our preferred material.

Andy Martin, founder of the original Indian Marquee Company and another independent UK entrepreneur, is also on board to assemble and manufacture Roger’s finished design.

Andy’s beautiful marquees are a staple of the thriving UK festival scene.

He is committed to perpetuating traditional arts, crafts and heritage both in the UK and in India, where many of his textiles originate. He has a calm, unfazed demeanour, years of experience in constructing large scale structures and working with canvas, and of using the traditional assemblage technique we are using – namely sewing.

Roger, Andy and November Project founder Jay Fitzsimons will be working together to create the best solution for our unique proposition: an eye catching, serviceable, practical, contemporary, tensile membrane canopy.

We warmly welcome both companies on board.