Portrait of Roger Brisley

Roger Brisley_tensile structure designer

“Our structures actually store carbon and are part of the solution.”

Roger Brisley is the managing director of Timber Intent, a company which specialises in and promotes the use of solid round-wood timber combined with ethically sourced organic or recycled fabric tensile membranes.

His clients include The Eden Project, Greenpeace, Hotel Du Vin(Malmaison), Soho House, Glastonbury Festival, River Cottage, L.A.’s, Schools, Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust, The Durrell Institute, Zoological Society of London and the Architectural Association.

Roger also undertakes consultancy work including architectural and product design, overseeing and managing structural analysis and design, project management, feasibility studies and environmental assessments.

He lives and works from his studio in the woods near Lyme Regis, Dorset, and his interests include sailing, walking, green issues and working with wood.

The November Project interests me as I believe hydro to be the most shamefully neglected form of renewable energy. The November Project will raise awareness and inspire policy makers to utilise it more. It will also raise awareness about the use of UK timber and eco-friendlier fabrics in tensiles.

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