Parrish, Matt Sketch of The November Project roof design: one of a series 2012

Design competition launched!

A huge number of people are involved with The November Project, which is what it is all about.

So we were overjoyed when Peter May, a student at Plymouth University – a uni with a strong marine heritage – came to see us with one of our partners, tensile specialists Timber Intent, about running a competition to design the roof of The November Project.

This part of the build is one of its most exciting – and challenging – features. It will be a tensile structure (tent-like in other words) and must withstand weather conditions on the river, be durable, use environmentally responsible materials, and be designed so that it does not make November  sail away!

You may have seen the Tender Opportunity we published about the roof challenge late last year.

Since then, students from a range of faculties including Architecture and Contemporary Design, have come up with over fifty sketches and two models, and have been sharing and discussing them using a specially created Facebook group.

A large and impressive body of work has emerged.

The sketchbook stage of the design process really is the most fertile and exciting aesthetically and creatively, and we are thrilled to have such a range and standard of visualisations and great ideas now in existence relating to November.

Roger Brisley, MD of Timber Intent, who presented the Tensile Structure CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to the students in February as part of the competition, and Jay Fitzsimons, the marine engineer and artist who founded The November Project, will be feeding back on all submissions and announcing the winner next week.

We will present an online exhibition of the designs here.

Many thanks to Roger and Peter, Plymouth University, and entrants Alex Jess, Matt Parrish, Alex Pyers, Ian Reveley, Nicole Shadbolt, Oli Smith, Rebecca Thomas, Tom Tregaskes, Tim Unsworth and Henry Williams.

One of Peter May's sketched designs for the roof of The November Project
May, Peter Design sketch for The November Project roof: one of a series  2012

Top: Parrish, Matt Design sketch for The November Project roof: one of a series 2012