Welcoming Andre Pageot as our latest member of the November team…

Jay and Andre meeting

Head of software development and Support @ Swisscanto Funds Centre Ltd.

I attained my BEng hons in 2001, since then my career has kept me focused on software engineering. Outside the office I enjoy getting involved with interesting RnD projects that keep my engineering skills alive, it gives me great pleasure to be a part of the November project.

I first heard about the November project through a close friend who asked if I could help with a few energy calculations on a project he was involved with, shortly after which, I met Jay.

Directly opposite the Houses of Parliament hovering on the very river with the gift that keeps on giving, will be a completely self sustaining renewable energy exhibition centre. There is no better place for a practical demonstration for harnessing the tidal power from river flow. Using the energy from rivers has been happening for centuries in various ways, That being said, this past century or two focus has been very much fossil fuel driven, which sadly is not sustainable nor is it good for the environment in which we all live.

I believe this project will bring scalable, accessible, green technology to a wider market, by enabling others to follow the same formula, which incidentally once this proof of concept has become the prototype it is planned to be, the designs will be open sourced.

The very location will attract a wide audience bringing people into contact with the practicality of how using local renewable energy sources is now a reality and just so happens to be self sustaining. Making it the perfect show case accessible to anyone.