Come late 2014 and Knighthood Insurance approached us and asked if they could run an article about us in their newsletter.  
With over 30 years’ experience it is hardly surprising that Knighthood is widely acknowledged as a leading specialist Marine Underwriter with clients throughout the UK, Southern Ireland and Northern Europe insuring Vessels on the high seas and in local bays, estuaries and rivers. Knighthood is probably best known for the insurance of passenger boats but their expertise also embraces all forms of Marine Insurance for commercial boats.  As our insurers they have always taken a keen interest in our progress and indeed go back with us to the days when our first approach to them was to ask one of their underwriters, Gordon Westcott if they would insure ‘ a thatched barge on the Thames opposite  Parliament’.  Suffice to say, as the article records, this did raise a few eyebrows.   The article then moved bang up to date, we had got our River Works Licence at time of press, and was really enthusiastic and supportive of our work.

Skan of Knight times artical - presonal contacts