The console, crew seating and passenger seating unit has been fabricated using a combination of marine Ply wood, fibreglass and finished with a epoxy gel coat. We have chosen these particular materials to prolong the life of the console and seating whilst considerable reducing yearly maintenance i.e. no painting.


The mahogany timber on the left will provide a base for the passenger seating whilst also covering the main Lithium battery pack and charger.

WP_20150911_003 WP_20150911_002 WP_20150913_001

As you can see we have designed the console so all the technology is clearly visible, whilst being completely weather tight.


The console its self has also been designed to offer easy axes to all the technology and battery’s.

WP_20150913_015 WP_20150915_001

The next job will be to fabricate the controle panel, see you soon