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Final -  Uma console controls switches displays





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The console, crew seating and passenger seating unit has been fabricated using a combination of marine Ply wood, fibreglass and finished with a epoxy gel coat. We have chosen these particular materials to prolong the life of the console and seating whilst considerable reducing yearly maintenance i.e. no painting.


The mahogany timber on the left will provide a base for the passenger seating whilst also covering the main Lithium battery pack and charger.

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As you can see we have designed the console so all the technology is clearly visible, whilst being completely weather tight.


The console its self has also been designed to offer easy axes to all the technology and battery’s.

WP_20150913_015 WP_20150915_001

The next job will be to fabricate the controle panel, see you soon




Now the bearer plate, risers have been shaped, polished, lacquered and we have checked that the angle and tension between the two toothed pullers is correct the motor can be bolted down.

The next job is to fabricate the console which will house all the supporting equipment and protect the drivetrain from the elements.

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As you can see we have fabricated and fitted the decks on Uma. We have used a 18mm ply wood base that has been sheathed with fibre glass matting and finished with a black gel coat. This will provide Uma with a rugged non slip deck that should last years with out maintenance.

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We are now in the process of fitting the toothed belt drive pulleys which will transfer the power from the motor to the prop shaft. 
Once we have aligned and tested the drive configuration and checked that the belt tension, positioning is correct, we will mark out the holes for drilling so that the components can be securely fitted in place.
 Before the aluminium components are actually fitted however, we will remove them to be polished and finished with a coat of clear lacquer. 

WP_20150709_008WP_20150717_002 WP_20150717_003 WP_20150717_006

We are currently positioning the components that support the new GMS electric drive train. The GMS motor is liquid cooled, low voltage and equivalent to 35hp continuous 50hp peak running.

The prop shaft is supported by an additional bearing so it can’t be moved forwards or backwards.  To achieve this we have used a green composite pillow block bearing holder mounted to a stainless steel brace.  The motor will be connected to the prop shaft using a toothed belt with a 2:1 ratio.  This means if the motor is spinning at 1000 rpm, the prop shaft will spin at 500 rpm.

Next we will be positioning the motor with the toothed belt pullers fitted and bolting it all down.

WP_20150703_002 WP_20150703_003

We have finally finished fibre glassing, the engine bearers designed to accommodate the old diesel engine have been replaced with the bearers to support the new liquid cooled electric motor and lithium battery packs. More to come soon...
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