The empty hull of November, the Thames Lighter which will form the heart of The November ProjectThe November Project is currently in a research and development phase which is running alongside the build and workshop projects.

If you are someone who has steered or innovated a boundary-pushing green tech, sustainability, community or arts project with an unusual architectural space at its heart and you want to find out more, please email us.

Working with the Thames water-based and land side communities – and the wider community of London – as we build the first ever electric boat infrastructure for the tidal river, is a core pillar of The November Project.

November is a multi-faceted project which includes showcasing accessible technology for sustainable, independent living, community development and creativity.

A team of international and local specialists and volunteers is fast building around The November Project.

The Project will offer a modular and versatile multi-media, film, exhibition, performance, dance and theatre space, a marine engineering workshop, a bar and venue, and green tech in action, all run on the power of the tide alone.

As well as tidal energy, The November Project will showcase the use of plants and technology to ensure zero carbon emissions.

The November Project is located in the heart of London, on a mid-river mooring opposite the Houses of Parliament.

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