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We have finally finished fibre glassing, the engine bearers designed to accommodate the old diesel engine have been replaced with the bearers to support the new liquid cooled electric motor and lithium battery packs. More to come soon...


Jarvis is an all-round business consultant specialising in media with a focus on ethical business, sustainable and lifestyle products, spirituality and personal development. Experience in PR, TV, magazine publishing, creating online media hubs, ethical awards and events, and other media products including websites and IPTV.

Conscious consumerism – changing habits – it’s time to revolt!

Co-founder and consultant for MyGreenPod.com

Co-founder, publishing consultant & contributing editor for PQ – the new GREEN magazine with the Guardian.

Previously contracted to National Geographic Magazines, PQ is the largest sustainable business & lifestyle magazine in Europe.

With an extensive list of green experts and writers he will deliver a green package to any mainstream, publication or online product.

An extremely talented networker with the ability to create and nurture relationships for the long term. A very strong track record in creating & closing advertising & sponsorship deals within the publishing, events, awards and festivals arenas.

Also an intuitive songwriter and singer who can create the perfect song or piece of music for your business, product or campaign.

‘Creative’ doesn’t begin to describe the many talents and qualities of one of the most dynamic and charismatic personalities around. Lead singer for the rock reggae band ‘The Phoenix Rose,’ Jarvis’ magnetic and commanding presence opened the way to leverage his greatness in many ways. Jarvis chaired the Friends of the Earth Event Gala Committee in 2012 and heads the People and Environment Achievement (PEA) Awards & the Lloyds’s TSB People and Environment Achievement Business (PEAB) Awards.

The Friends of the Earth event called The Extraordinary Banquet won a highly commended Peer Award in the ‘Customer Engagement’ category for product initiates that stand out from the crowd.



Lead singer/songwriter for The Phoenix Rose, mystic and leader extraordinaire.

Also a participant on Channel 4’s observational ‘eco’ documentary called ‘Dumped.

After meeting with Jarvis is became immediately apparent that he was a perfect fit for The November Project, not only does he completely understands the nature of the environmental and economic challenges we face he has also clearly demonstrates a passion for doing something about it.

We are obviously thrilled to have Jarvis on board quite literally and for see great things happening in the near future, watch this space.

For more on Jarvis http://www.channel4.com/lifestyle/green/dumped/volunteers/jarvis/jarvis-news.html

Come late 2014 and Knighthood Insurance approached us and asked if they could run an article about us in their newsletter.  
With over 30 years’ experience it is hardly surprising that Knighthood is widely acknowledged as a leading specialist Marine Underwriter with clients throughout the UK, Southern Ireland and Northern Europe insuring Vessels on the high seas and in local bays, estuaries and rivers. Knighthood is probably best known for the insurance of passenger boats but their expertise also embraces all forms of Marine Insurance for commercial boats.  As our insurers they have always taken a keen interest in our progress and indeed go back with us to the days when our first approach to them was to ask one of their underwriters, Gordon Westcott if they would insure ‘ a thatched barge on the Thames opposite  Parliament’.  Suffice to say, as the article records, this did raise a few eyebrows.   The article then moved bang up to date, we had got our River Works Licence at time of press, and was really enthusiastic and supportive of our work.

Skan of Knight times artical - presonal contacts


Richard has been working with The November Project as an adviser on our campaigning and environmental strategies

A veteran campaigner with a passion for the polar oceans and the Patagonian toothfish, we lured Richard to the inland waters of The Thames where we have benefited greatly from his knowledge, expertise and encouragement 

You can follow him @OceansRichard


We want to thank  Derek Albiston for the amazing work he has done editing our business plan.  Derek has worked in publishing for years – we will spare his blushes and not say how many, but working on a renewable energy project was a first for him.  It is testament to his skills as an editor that he got up to speed with us and our work really quickly and in a few weeks produced a fully proof read plan ready to go.  The finished article is highly professional and like every good iceberg – all the work lies under the surface of the carefully chosen words and phrases that lie on the top

He hasn’t got a website but if you want to follow him on twitter he is @delmail

The November Project - New years eve party 2015

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Wave is exactly the kind of event necessary to demonstrate how viable electric drive systems are today

Wave is exactly the kind of event necessary to demonstrate how viable electric drive systems are today

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