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City hall – Richard Tracy GLA

 “I support the November Project, the zero carbon tidal powered technology and arts hub to be moored mid-Thames on a converted lighter barge. Projects like this should put London at the centre of innovation, increase usage of the Thames and demonstrate that renewable and sustainable energy sources can not only match existing ones in terms of performance but most importantly exceed them without compromising on quality, and can contribute to the effective reduction of pollution levels on the tidal Thames. It is vital that visitors can access November to see the showcase technology and understand that changes – however small – can make a difference and a positive impact on the environment.

Sarah Hodgetts, Chair of Governors, Eleanor Palmer Primary School
“The November Project, as an innovation hub and a green-energy solution for the city, will be an incredible learning resource for generations of London school children. Becoming part of a community and respecting your environment, overlayed by the global green agenda, are an essential part of our children’s education. But this project goes far beyond citizenship. It also brings together the grandeur and history of the location and the River itself with the innovative collaborations in design and technology of the project – all in the heart of urban London. It has the potential to inspire a generation.”

Bill Dunster OBE, Architect, ZEDfactory
“London as we know it will literally sink or swim. It has become critical that we understand how often the high tide comes within inches of the top of the embankment wall and how it is becoming increasing difficult to manage the combination of high tides from the sea with floodwater from the Thames Valley.

Sitting on a sunny Saturday September afternoon in the little coffee bar perched above the Embankment – I wondered how many more days would pass before the river flowed over the wall and down the tube? How much better would it be if London’s leaders recognised our changing climate, and turned melodramatic catastrophe into an opportunity to rethink both the heart and the metabolism of a great city?

The November project makes all the points about climate change mitigation with its paddle wheel technology, and is positioned right in front of the noses of those who aspire to control our future. I don’t think I could dream up a better way of making the right point, in the right place, at the right time.

Support the project with whatever you can afford right now. Silent tidal powered kinetic sculpture charging powerful electric launches replaces noisy fossil powered outboard motors. It’s a lot of fun.”

Chris Magro, Maritime Consultant (Director, London Tideway Harbour Company; Harbour Master, London Borough of Southwark)
“I think it will be fantastic to have a state of the art, zero-emissions form of energy that is generated by the Thames. It is long overdue to be able to provide energy from the Thames to piers on the river and to have boats on the river that aren’t producing emissions and are just running off the energy of the river itself. I think it’s fantastic that The November Project is doing it.”

Harry Lipman,  Carter Backer Winter LLP, Chartered Accountant
“I have reviewed the financial projections which have been prepared on a realistic and professional basis. This is a unique project which deserves the success that I believe it will achieve.”

Dave Benneyworth, River Thames Waterman and Freeman
“The November Project will be a good thing. I’m shocked that no one is harnessing the power of the river at the moment, so to generate green electricity from it will be a good thing. And to have a venue out here as well – not many people get the chance to go out on an old Lighterage Barge do they. Having electric boats on the river will be a good thing because up river you don’t pay a lot of fees for electric boats. They are quiet, and good for the ecology of the river. The public will learn a lot more about the river. A lot of Londoners the Watermen take out on the river haven’t been on a boat before, even though they have lived in London for years. To see London by the river is a different perspective from seeing London by the land. I think there are a lot of people in this city who don’t realise what they have got on their own doorstep. It will be good to get Londoners interacting with the river.”

Mark Call, Berth Owner, Cadogan Pier 
“I think The November Project’s tidal power devices for Piers are such a good idea. We’ve been thinking for a long time that there must be a way to get some energy from this massive tidal river so we can be self-sustaining in energy on the Pier. Fantastic.”

Kevin Burke, Chief Instructor, Westminster Boating Base
“At Westminster Boating Base, we teach children basic river skills, sailing, kayaking and power boating. The way we work and the idea of The November Project are very intertwined. We are forever looking for alternative ways for our hugely important power boats to move that doesn’t cost the vast amount of money that it currently does on petrol, so electric boats will be ideal. We’re hugely interested in getting our kids to be more knowledgeable about how the river works and what goes on, and of course the history of the river and the way it has changed, from man-powered boats, through sail-powered, then engine powered and now onto a new future of the electric boats that The November Project are pioneering. We are really looking forward to joining in with the project, and taking our kids along for them to see what can be done and what the future is for propulsion on the river.”

Karen McCarthy Woolf, The November Project Writer in Residence
“As soon as I heard about The November Project it was an initiative I wanted to be involved with and support. As a Londoner I’m drawn to the river as a natural centre of the city, as a writer I’m interested in our attraction to water and as an individual I strongly believe we need to work for a sustainable future. Being the inaugural Writer in Residence at The November Project has given me a unique access to the river and its community, it has given me the space to write, to pursue my literary interest in the river and to be part of an innovative and creative team that is working towards a cleaner, greener and more accessible Thames. November has a bright future as a cultural hub, right in the middle of the river, that will bring London’s artistic, ecological and scientific communities together and I’m excited and proud to be a part of it.”

Eleanor Barrett, Chief Executive Officer, The Brick Box, Lambeth 
“We offer our heartfelt support and encouragement for The November Project. We believe the November project stands in a unique and exciting position in its ability to deliver a stage for events which develop the arts as a driver of social good through establishing, creating and developing links within its communities. The November Project’s ethos of sustainability and community is very in line with our own. We look forward to partnering with this project and extending our network of relationships to it.  We offer pragmatic support to the project in regards to their arts and events programming and believe strongly in their ambitions with regard to sustainability.”

Tim Stileman, Climate Change Advisor, BP International Limited
“This project will enhance London’s key role in contributing to and encouraging the transition to a more sustainable world.”

Hilary Galloway, The Scout Association
“As a charity worker and Londoner, I am particularly interested in the social development aspect of The November Project. In a city where there appears to be an ever increasing number of purely capital developments, it is important that initiatives such as The November Project are given every opportunity to flourish – to maintain the social balance and help sustain a London that offers services and experiences for all residents and visitors. I wish The November Project success.”

Ben Gordon, Boatowner, Cadogan Pier
“Tidal power would help both collectively and personally on the tidal Thames. It would save money, most certainly. Collectively, it would advantageous for the environment. Here in London we need to use this infinite power source that we have sitting here. Because you can transport the electricity you supply back to the grid and to land, it makes total sense. The possibilities are endless, I’m with you! Very exciting times.”

Gal Stiglitz, Stiglitz School of Leadership + Creativity and WOW Talks
“There are more and more people out there anticipating a new innovative form of inspiring and interactive cultural gathering with a strong sense of community and a personal touch. The November Project is part of a new emergent cultural phenomenon. From knowing the extraordinary people behind this idea, I predict this beautiful project with its special setting on the Thames at Westminster to become the place where east London truly meets west London, and north London truly meets south London, not only geographically but even more so culturally. A beating heart, exactly what is missing to make our glorious London even better.”