The November Project is a tidally powered world class venue and workshop in quite simply the most iconic location in London.

As well as having an incredible time enjoying the views and river – and our programme of cultural events, education, entertainment and learning – visitors to The November Project will experience what a zero-carbon world actually looks and feels like, learn about their very own river and how to enjoy and protect it, and contribute to the development of technology which will save our planet – just by turning up.

The November Project is a stunning venue and visitor experience trading for a social purpose: everyone who comes to visit will be contributing to ridding the tidal Thames of harmful fossil fuels, developing local, accessible and effective shallow water tidal power devices which can be used by businesses and individuals near tidal waters, and developing a new generation of high-efficiency electric boat technologies.

Powered by two beautiful paddle wheels, The November Project will produce so much free power from the Thames that alongside powering our stunning facilities for visitors and our on-board sustainable energy technology workshop, we will also be introducing ‘stop and recharge facilities’ for electric craft to the tidal Thames for the first time in its history – and will be providing this power to all comers for free.

And how do you get there? By boat, of course! Our team of skippers, headed up by an incredibly knowledgeable Thames Waterman, will collect and return visitors using Westminster Pier, a two minute boat ride each way – just enough time to learn a bit of past history and present Thames gossip from the Skipper.